Yoga Mat Guide

How do I know which yoga mat is right for me?


A Few Things To Consider

About You

Here’s the thing: Not all mats are created equal. The length of your mat is based mostly on your height. If you are over 6', we recommend an extra long mat.

Your Practice

A great mat supports you, wherever you may be. Your yoga habits and where you practice will most often determine the best choice. 

Your Preferences

Get what you want out of your Manduka yoga mat. What’s most important to you in a mat? 

Your Story

Everyone’s practice is different. Understanding the type of yoga you like and your motivations behind it will help us match you with the right mat.

Your Body

Sometimes, our bodies have a mind of their own (achy joints and latex allergies happen). If you have any of these, let us know below. 

Your Style

You do you. Personalizing the mat you’ll be unrolling practice after practice will keep you inspired for years to come.