Manduka beLONG Recycled Foam Roller - Thunder

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Show your muscles some love! The beLONG Body Roller is a great way to reduce muscle tightness, increase blood flow and stretch tendons.



  • 0.9 lbs; 18'' x 6'' x 6''
  • Made of 50% recycled EVA foam.
  • High density support.


use & care

Keep out of direct sunlight when not in use.

To Wash: Dampen a cloth with warm water or an organic household cleaner such as a 50/50 organic apple cider vinegar and water solution. Dab and clean as necessary.



Each foam roller is certified to having over 50% recycled post-industrial & post-consumer EVA foam in its make-up. The rest of it (less than 50%) is virgin EVA foam.